Structural Pine Panels

Structural Pine

  • Excellent for construction use. Strength and stiffness.
  • Exceptional resistance to moisture. High thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Optional results for exterior and interior uses.


This Panel has great strength and structural stability and is ideal for many interior and exterior uses. Faces and backs are not sanded and accept open defects (open knots and cracks according to the international grading standards). Faces are always of a higher quality than backs.



Tulsa Pine Plywood is constructed using 100% plantation Radiata Pine veneers that have been sorted according to the following American PS 1-95 standard face grades.

Panels are constructed by gluing veneers together perpendicularly, with the face grain always being in the long direction. Tulsa always uses uneven numbers of plys to reach the best stability and strength resistance.

The grade used for face/backs:    C/C – C/D            CD P &  TS           Underlayment T&G

Tulsa Structural Pine

Grace C:

Grade according to common use for construction with some small open defects.

Grade D:

Grade according to common use for construction, Packaging, with some open and tight knots

Tulsa Grade-P-and-TS

Grade P & TS:

Grade according to common use for construction with sanded faces and without some open, tight knots and some small open defects synthetically repaired and / or with wood in its face.

Grade Underlayment T&G:

Tongues & groove panels are appropriate for the use in floor underlayment and packaging with sanded faces, tight knot with defects synthetically repaired and / or wood in its faces.

Tulsa Tongue & Grove Plywood



  • 12 mm = 15 / 32’’
  • 15 mm = 19 / 32’’
  • 18 mm = 23 / 32’’


  • Width 1220 mm = 4ft
  • Length 2440 mm = 8ft



  •  Exterior Siding
  • Roof and Wall sheathing
  • Floors underlayment
  • Packing



During manufacturing, panel humidity is controlled and stabilized to 8%.


Tulsa Pine Plywood are excellent for use as exterior sheathing or for interior panels due to their low thermal conductivity coefficient (k=10/cal-m/m2 hº C).


Tulsa Pine Panels are certified by the American company TECO and fulfill the standards set in American PS 1-95 norm.


Tulsa Standard Panels are produced using phenolic resins with low polluting emission in accordance to European E-1 norm. This allows outdoor uses with an exceptional resistance to moisture without causing environmental pollution when used in interior applications.


Technical Specifications PDF

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