Premium Formply

Formply Tulsa

Technical Specifications PDF

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Tulsa Film Premium Formply

  • Designed to achieve concrete  forming that results  in exceptional surface finishes.
  • Allows  between 30 to 50 reuses (when reasonable  care in use and handling is taken).
  • Its faces have 130 gms/m2 phenolic film overlay + 205 mgs/m2 MDO film overlay, with a total of 335 mgs/m2 providing a high quality  that assures water resistance and stiffness stability.
  • 65% Phenolic  resin in overlay film and 27% in MDO.
  • Also the optional of Non – Slip Film.


  •  Tulsa Premium Film overlay are edge sealed during manufacturing. If you to cut during used, it is recommended that fresh edges be re-sealed to avoid panel damage caused by capillary penetration of humidity.
  • Use the appropriate form remover (same as recommended, chemical reactive releases form non porous surfaces).
  • Although cleaning a Tulsa Overlay Panel is much easier and quicker than traditional form materials, it is important to only use fiber spatulas and synthetic materials when cleaning forms to prevent damage to the faces which might occur with metallic tools.
  • Although Tulsa Premium Overlay panels are very resistant to the abrasion and impact, as with any highly finished surface, care must be taken during cleaning and use to prevent damage. Always use the appropriate vibrators and techniques to protect panel’s surface.



  • 12 mm = 15 / 32’’
  • 18 mm = 23 / 32’’


  • Width 1220 mm = 4ft
  • Length 2440 mm = 8ft

During its manufacturing, panel humidity is controlled and stabilized to 8%.
Tulsa Premium Film Panels are certificated by the American company TECO and fulfill the standards set in the American PS 1-95.
Tulsa Premium Film overlay panels are produced using phenolic resins with low polluting emission in accordance to European E-1 norm.