Standard Formply

Formply Tulsa

Technical Specifications PDF

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Tulsa Film Standard Formply

Up to 10 uses per face

General Specifications

  • Allows up to 20 reuses (requires reasonable care).

  • Overlaid with brown film of 125 g/m2.

  • Recommended for concrete that requires further treatment such as painted, or other coating treatments.

  • High strength and light weight.

  • 65% phenolic resin.

Product Features and Applications

  • Tulsa Standard Film panels are edge sealed during manufacturing. If you cut boards during the use, it is recommended to re-seal the fresh edges to avoid panel damage caused by capillary penetration of humidity.

  • Make sure to also use the appropriate form remover or release agent (a chemical reactive releases for nonporous surfaces).

  • Although cleaning a Tulsa overlaid panel is much easier and quicker than traditional form material, it is important to only use fiber spatulas and synthetic materials when cleaning forms to prevent damages to the faces. This damage might occur when using metallic tools. Always store the panels inside a warehouse, protected from weather conditions.

  • Although Tulsa Standard Film panels are very resistant to the abrasion and impact, care must be taken during cleaning and use to prevent damage. Always use the appropriate vibrators and techniques to protect the panel surface.



  • 18 mm = 23 / 32’’


  • Width 1,22 mt = 4’’
  • Length 2,44 mt = 8’’